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Consumer car finance

Embark on a few simple online steps; we align your profile and vehicle choice with our network of 30+ lenders.

Within a minute, obtain tailored rates with clear insights into fees, rates, and monthly repayments. Should it pique your interest, proceed with the application by sharing a bit more info for pre-vetting before submission to your chosen lender. This ensures application confidence before any lodging.

Venturing for an attractive car loan rate but unsure where to begin? Let Driva steer your journey.

Our distinct edge

  • Personalised rates based on your credit score and vehicle age
  • Find your rate without hurting your credit score
  • We don't lodge your application until we ensure you meet your lender's approval criteria
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Personal loan

Seeking a personal loan? Driva facilitates a straightforward approach to obtaining personalised finance rates from over 15 online lenders. Our loan solution is crafted to align with your unique preferences, offering competitive rates and flexible repayment terms. With Driva, the ease of comparing loan options from diverse lenders is at your fingertips, aiding you in making an informed decision tailored to your financial landscape.

Why Driva for personal finance?

  • Individualised finance rates from 15+ lenders
  • Competitive rates coupled with adaptable repayment terms
  • A hassle-free application journey leading to prompt approvals
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Commercial car loan

Driva provides an array of financing solutions catering to your business requirements, encompassing light vehicles to heavy machinery. If it possesses wheels, we have a provision for it.

Advantages of a commercial vehicle loan:

  • Reduced documentation requisite
  • Capacity to finance a vast spectrum of vehicle categories
  • Taxation advantages

When to opt for a commercial loan?

  • Anticipated business usage of the vehicle is at least 50%
  • You want to finance a vehicle or other wheeled equipment
  • Your financing needs are for less than $250,000 per asset
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Car loans, being fixed-rate, remain unchanged even when lenders adjust their rates. Thus, refinancing—replacing your current loan with a new, more favourable one from a different lender—is a route to benefit from a low-interest rate climate.

Consider refinancing when:

  • Leveraging the low-interest rate scenario to minimise monthly payments
  • Utilising an enhanced credit score for a superior loan rate
  • Extending your loan duration to lessen monthly payments, albeit potentially incurring more interest
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You'll need to organise comprehensive car insurance for your vehicle before your loan can settle for every lender on our panel.

Driva has partnered with Autosure to offer comprehensive vehicle insurance to our customers.

Why choose Autosure for Insurance?

  • Backed by Local Experience: Autosure has been a leading provider of vehicle insurance solutions in New Zealand for over 30 years, ensuring deep local expertise and trust.
  • Flexible Coverage Options: Autosure offers tailored insurance solutions that can be paid fortnightly, monthly, or annually, fitting different budget needs.
  • Dedicated Support: Every Autosure policy comes with the promise of outstanding customer service and support, helping you navigate through claims quickly and efficiently.
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Driva Pty Ltd NZBN 94 290 516 869 94 (Driva) is appointed as a distributor of DPL Insurance Limited, trading under the brand Autosure, a business brand of Turners Automotive Group (NZX: TRA), a member of the Financial Services Federation. Autosure Car Insurance policies are underwritten by Vero Insurance New Zealand Limited. If you take out an insurance product through Driva, Autosure will pay Driva a commission of the premium (exclusive of government charges). This commission will also be paid on any variations to your policy and on renewal. The commissions paid to Driva are included as part of your premium.


Secure your vehicle beyond insurance with comprehensive warranty options available for every purchase.

Driva offers extended warranty solutions in partnership with Autosure, a leader in vehicle protection services in New Zealand.

Why choose Autosure for Warranty?

  • Extensive Protection Plans: Autosure provides a range of warranty options including Mechanical Breakdown Insurance, Payment Protection Insurance, and Guaranteed Asset Protection, covering various unforeseen vehicle issues.
  • Local Expertise: With over 30 years of experience in New Zealand, Autosure offers expertly designed warranties that address specific needs of local drivers.
  • Customer-Centric Support: Autosure is renowned for its customer service, ensuring you receive prompt and efficient support whenever you need assistance with warranty claims.
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Driva has been appointed as a distributor of Autosure’s warranty products. If you purchase a warranty through Driva, Autosure may pay Driva a commission. This commission is included in the cost of the warranty. For any complaints or inquiries about your warranty, please contact Autosure directly at [contact info], visit [Autosure website], and [Autosure postal address]. Consider the Warranty Product Disclosure Statement and Target Market Determinations available on this website before purchasing.

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