Explore our electric car loan options & make a difference today

Explore our electric vehicle loan offerings and embark on a sustainable journey today.

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Explore our electric car loan options & make a difference today

Why choose Driva for your next Electric Vehicle Loan?

We search far and wide for your best rate, so you don’t have to

In just minutes, we present to you fully transparent, personalised, fixed-rate car loan options across a spectrum of electric vehicles. With Driva, embracing minor adjustments today for a greener tomorrow has never been more straightforward.

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Bundle what you need to power your EV.

Comprehensive Car Insurance

Protect your new electric vehicle

Liability cover

Up to $30m

24/7 claims?

✅ Yes

New for old replacement

Less than 3 years old & 50,000km

Other features

  • Hire car after theft (21 days)
  • Towing and transport of your car
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Charge your new electric vehicle

Charging time

Between 2-16 hours, depending on the charger

Electric range (km)

Between 171-522 km, depending on the vehicle

Cost of charger

Upwards of $950 plus installation (though many car companies will include free installation when you purchase an EV)

Types of chargers

  • Type 2 (Mennekes) (for AC charging)
  • CCS (for DC charging)
  • CHAdeMO (for DC charging)
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How it works?

Whatever your budget, we can help you find a sustainable EV car loan in a few simple steps:

Vehicle & personal details

Give us the details of the electric vehicle you’re looking at and your personal profile

Loan match

We check your profile against thousands of lender policies to find your loan matches. No impact on credit score!

Get approved

Approval can take anywhere from 2 hours to 2 days depending on which lender you’ve chosen.

Pick up your electric car!

The fun part. Search private sales and dealerships - or ask Driva to match you with a seller!

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